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Building Sample – H


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Floor area (m2) : 92.82
Wall area (m2) : 176.28
No. of windows : 2
No. of doors : 4 regular doors, 1 double door
Special features : One set double doors
Quantity of blocks:
700mm 1620 (73.3%)
200mm 410 (18.6%)
100mm 180 (8.1%)
Windows : 1200mm x 1200mm
Doors : 900mm x 2100 mm
Double doors : 1800mm x 2100mm
Thickness of walls : 100mm
Height of walls: 3000mm

Disclaimer : The above is an estimate quantity for this building sample.

Note : 5{abfbe67d60c4bb6f7f7bcacc167dedf3942a4c657853878cbe5c8c8c2cc2c2b2} additional quantity as a buffer against breakage during delivery etc. is included.


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